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database management system (DBMS)

Database management systems (DBMS) are used for information management. Such a system consists of the data and the programs with which the data is managed and processed. It can be understood as a kind of magazine for all data and is responsible for storage, security, integrity, recoveries and access to the data.

The database management system has a data directory, comparable to a catalog, that contains data about the names, structure, attributes, location, and types of the stored data; metadata, so to speak. This metadata directory stores all logical and physical information and changes throughout the life of the data: from ingest to deletion. DBMS software controls the organization and storage of data on disks, as well as the retrieval, security, and integrity of the data in a database. In addition, a DBMS system can typically generate reports, import and export data from external applications, and query the database. If the data is stored in computermemory rather than on hard drives, then it is an in-memory database (IMDB).

An important aspect of DBMS systems is data security. Typically, a DBMS system has several levels of security in addition to the operating system and network security requirements. It supports user access to the database using password, authentication and userlogin. If it is a distributed database (DDB), then database management is done centrally by a Distributed Database Management System (DDBMS).

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