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data protection

Data protection safeguards the interests of natural persons and legal institutions worthy of protection against misuse by electronic media. This protection is subject to statutory provisions and is ensured by appropriate commissions and data protection officers.

In Germany, data protection is one of the fundamental rights and presupposes that every person can decide for themselves about the disclosure and use of their personal information.

Since the state, companies and financial authorities, insurance companies and banks have a special interest in the use and evaluation of personal data, the legislator uses the Data Protection Act to protect the individual from unauthorised use and above all from misuse, which is why personal data is stored in anonymised form.

In order to prevent possible misuse of personal data, there are international, Europe-wide and national directives, whereby the directives of the European Union must be implemented into national law by the individual member states. In Germany, this law is the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), which regulates data protection at the national level. The individual federal states also have state data protection laws.

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