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data profiling

Data profiling is a quality assessment for data. In this process, data is analyzed and evaluated according to its structure, consistency and uniqueness. Data profiling is used to create data profiles and evaluate them as to whether they are suitable for certain applications. They are prepared and can then be stored in mass storage with metadata.

The process with which data profiles are to be determined takes place in several steps: In the integration of the data to be evaluated, in the subsequent analysis and the evaluation of the data. Data profiles can be characterized by various parameters. For example, by the data type, the relationships of the data to each other, the interdependencies or the frequency of occurrence.

The data prepared by means of data profiling can be selected with data mining according to certain criteria, evaluated and used for appropriate applications in the statistics, analysis or business area. The purpose of data profiling is to determine whether the data can be used for a specific application.

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