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data management platform (DMP)

Data Management Platform (DMP) is a term used in online advertising and marketing. A Data Management Platform is a central platform for data-related marketing. The DMP platform is a unified platform on which data is collected, managed and activated. The data from the various offline, online and mobile sources can be prepared according to the target group and made available for advertising campaigns.

Structured and unstructured data from web applications, from web analytics tools, from CRM systems, from point of sale( PoS), from online videos and from offline data sources can be collected and processed on a DMP platform. Such a system can select and collect data according to specific behaviors on the web - the clicks or click-through rate, the number of downloads and uploads, etc. - according to the user's interests - soccer, travel, theater - according to demographic and geographic information. This data is used to better understand the target audience and reduce wastage.

The terms Data Management Platform (DMP) or Unified Data Management Platform (UDMP) are often used in project development, by marketers and publishers who use data from offline and online business, web analytics and mobile marketing channels for their advertising and business activities.

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