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data integrity

Data integrity includes measures to ensure that protected data cannot be removed or modified by unauthorized persons during processing or transmission. Data integrity is an aspect ofdata security and ensures the consistency, accuracy and trustworthiness of data throughout its lifetime. It ensures that the relevant data in a data stream can be reconstructed.

Data integrity is about the quality, correctness, validity and reliability of data. And it is about the relationship of data to each other. This can be data from a database system or data for data transmission. In some cases , unintentional modification or corruption of data cannot be prevented; it can only be determined retrospectively that the data has been modified. In data integrity, a distinction is made between connectionless and connection-oriented data integrity. In the latter, the sequence of data packets is swapped during transmission, and data packets are removed or added.

Changes in the data or the data stream are determined with checksums that are appended to the file and may be encrypted for security reasons. Another data integrity security mechanism is a direction indicator that shows whether a data packet has been mirrored and sent back to the sender. Furthermore, changes in the packet sequence can be detected by the sequence number. Another approach to checking for changes is provided by the Message Authentication Code( MAC).

The cornerstones of data integrity are formed by data protection and data security, thus ensuring reliable information processing.

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