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data governance (DG)

Data Governance (DG) is about managing an organization's data, its availability, integrity and security. The benefits that data governance brings to an organization can only be ensured through consistent and trustworthy data. Because it is a sensitive area, data governance strategies should be overseen and executed by senior leadership.

Data governance strategies are based on data and processes. Data assets are about their collection and use by authorized employees, and processes are about storing, archiving and securing data assets against tampering and other types of attacks. The strategies define controls and test procedures in order to comply with the defined objectives, internal and external guidelines and regulations. Special attention is given to data consistency so that the same data is used in all applications across the enterprise.

Policies and procedures can be implemented in the data governance strategy for proper data management and for data usage, for example, in business process management( BPM), risk management, data quality, and data security.

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