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data center infrastructure efficiency (DCIE)

There are various assessments for the quantitative evaluation of data center energy efficiency. The approach adopted by The Green Grid Organization recognizes two metrics: Power Usage Effectiveness( PUE) and metrics for water consumption, Water Usage Effectiveness(WUE), or carbon dioxide emissions, Carbon Usage Effectiveness( CUE), as well as Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency (DCIE).

While Power Usage Effectiveness determines the efficiency of energy use, the DCiE value evaluates the efficiency of the energy used in the data center. The two values are calculated from the total energy used and the power of the IT equipment.

Metrics and ratings for data center efficiency.

Metrics and ratings for data center efficiency.

The PUE value is the quotient of the total energy of the data center to the energy consumption of all IT devices. The DCiE value is the reciprocal of the PUE value and is therefore equivalent to 1/PUE. It indicates in percentage terms how the energy consumption of the IT devices relates to the total energy consumption. Another key figure for calculating the energy efficiency of data centers is Corporate Average Data Center Efficiency( CADE).

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