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data center as a service (DCaaS)

In the case of Data Center as a Service (DCaaS), the complete data center service is outsourced and purchased from an external data center to save costs. The company that purchases a corresponding service from an appropriate provider makes all facilities and services available to the client for a fee.

The company that purchases the DCaaS service does not need any data center hardware andservices. It saves on personnel, expensive hardware and software, air conditioning and outage management, and much more. All services are provided by the external entity. In addition, the data-consuming company saves on regular software and hardware upgrades and books a complete service, including monitoring and incident management.

Since DCaaS providers use their data centers for many customers, they can better utilize them and regularly update them with the latest programs and hardware components. In addition, the client has fewer costs and personnel to deal with, thus saving on employee costs. Because the services and service level agreements are precisely negotiated and defined, the services of the external data center provider can be precisely determined and downtimes can be reduced to a minimum.

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