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data analytics (DA)

Data analytics (DA) takes a broad approach to improving business efficiency. The difference between data analytics and data

analytics is that the goals of data analytics are geared towards individual business activities. Data analytics involves examining data sets

for the information

theycontain. Data analytics is used in businesses as well as in academia and research. Thanks to data analytics, companies can make more efficient business decisions from the information they obtain. As for science, data analytics can verify scientific models and algorithms

. Data analyticsworks with a wide variety of application programs


For example, business intelligence (BI) for accessing company data, reporting for reporting, online analytical processing (OLAP) for processing large amounts of data, big

data analytics for analyzing big data for hidden patterns, unrecognized correlations, market trends, preferred customer behavior, and other operational information. The purpose of data analytics is to improve efficiency, optimize marketing activities, identify new trends, and ultimately increase sales and profits.

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