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data analysis

Data analyses are statistical investigations in which correlations between several variables can be extracted from larger data sets. Corresponding statistical methods are used in companies for product development and production, in networks

for the recognition of attack patterns, in online business for the creation of customer profiles, in clinics for the dependencies between different illnesses, in the service sector for the improvement of service and also in opinion polls. In companies, the insights gained from the various data analysis methods are incorporated into business processes

and are used to increase efficiency, improve business processes and create value.Statistical data analysis

knows several methods that are used in an application-specific manner.

These include descriptive data analysis, which is based on the description of numerical data and graphical evaluations. It can be carried out as a sample or as a total survey. On the other hand, inferential data analysis involves taking a sample and using algorithms

to calculate the behavior of the total set. In exploratory data analysis, data sets are examined for interdependencies, and context-based data analysis is concerned with textual relationships. All of the data analysis methods mentioned use small or large data sets that are prepared, evaluated, and analyzed.

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