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dB full scala (acoustics) (dBFS)

Full Scale( FS) means full scale. An analog Full Scale value is so high that the corresponding electronic circuit, such as an AD converter, is fully modulated and corresponds to a digital value of loud ones: 1111 1111.

The 1s value is the reference value for 0 Decibel Full Scale (dBFS). All other dBFS values are given in relation to this value. The maximum value of 0 dBFS must not be exceeded, otherwise the modules will distort the signals.

The smallest dBFS value is the value with all zeros: 0000 0000. Depending on the quantization and its resolution, the lowest dBFS value at 12-bit resolution will be 0000 0000; at 16, 20 or 24 bits it would be correspondingly more zeros. Since the numerical specification is too confusing, the full-scale ratio is specified in dBFS. If a signal level reaches 50% of the maximum value, the dBFS value is -6 dB. Digital values with 16 bit resolution correspond to a dBFS value of -96 dB, 20 bit to such a value of -120 dB and 24 bit to -144 dB.

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