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cyber-physical system (sensor) (CBS)

A cyber-physicalsystem, orCBS, combines mechanical units with modern information technology and represents an essential aspect for Industry 4.0. In CBS systems, computers are connected to mechanical components and exchange their data in real time via a network such as the Internet.

Cyber-physical systems consist of sensors that record the physical variables, networked software, and various information technology and mechanical components that implement the control variables calculated in real time. The sensors, system components and actuators are networked and exchange their information with each other.

CBS systems can be used to control systems with mechanical and information technology components. These include energy management systems, driver assistance systems, traffic control systems, process control systems and automation systems and many other complex system units that need to be monitored and controlled. The interconnection of the units and their communication with each other can take place via existing network structures, via WLANs or the Internet. The system units and components include sensors and actuators, embedded systems, the infrastructure of the networks with their servers, memories and database computers.

Areas of application for cyber-physical systems include smart grids with energy storage, logistics and industrial control, the control of robots, driver assistance systems for autonomous driving and much more.

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