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cyber mobbing

Cyberbullying is bullying in social networks using smartphones. It is the spreading of false, denunciatory and compromising information about people using modern communication channels. Cyberbullying is a form of denunciation, defamation, harassment and threats with which the victims are confronted and their personal rights are violated.

Cyberbullying can take place verbally through false allegations, but also with manipulated, falsified and provoked photos and videos. The falsified and compromising documents can be posted on the Internet as fake news and are thus available to all Internet users in perpetuity, without the person affected having any opportunity to correct them and without knowing who the author of the compromising documents is. They can likewise be spread via social media such as Twitter, YouTube or Facebook. In addition, cyber bullies use chats, social networks, communication, photo portals and video portals.

Cyberbullying is often used against teachers, but also against classmates, supervisors and colleagues. In individual cases, cyberbullying is on the borderline between free expression of opinion and violation of personal rights.

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