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customized applications for mobile enhanced logic (CAMEL)

Customized Applications for Mobile Enhanced Logic (CAMEL) is an intelligent network service that enables service providers to create customer-specific service applications in mobile networks.

CAMEL is handled on a special node in mobile networks such as the GSM network, UMTS or Long Term Evolution( LTE) and offers, among other things, the possibility of changing call numbers during the connection setup. This would allow worldwide roaming with prepaid cards, automatic calls to be triggered at certain events or times, or uniform service numbers to be used worldwide.

The CAMEL system recognizes two important functional units: the Service Control Function( SCF) and the Service Switching Function( SSF). Both units communicate with each other via the CAMEL Applications Part( CAP). While the Service Control Function (SCF) performs service control functions in intelligent networks( IN) and mobile networks, the Service Switching Function (SSF) provides these special intelligent services.

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