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customer journey map

A customer journey map has nothing to do with the German meaning of the word. Rather, the Customer Journey Map is about the way a customer makes contact with a company, how they find out about products and services, and how they are guided through the sales channels and make their purchase decision. The Customer Journey Map also shows communication gaps due to devices, sales channels or departments.

There are various models for a customer journey map. Where all models look at customer interest aroused, information gathering and product selection through to purchase. The most important points of a model are the inquiry

(Inquiry), the comparison (Comparison), the purchase (Purchase) and the installation. Inquiry is about the general interest of the customer. Thecustomer researches a product or service

on the Internet

orsocial networks, at trade fairs

, through product information and advertisements. Thecomparison phase is about the customer looking at the product or service in detail and comparing it with competing products and their features and characteristics

. Thecomparison phase is about the customer finding the product that best meets their requirements; technically and cost wise.

The purchase phase is where the prospect becomes a buyer, where the purchased product or service is installed.

And in the installation phase, the installation is completed and the product is fully implemented. This is about the long-term customer satisfaction with which the customer is bound to the company.

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