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customer interaction center (CIC)

Customer Interaction Centers(CIC) are further developments of call centers. They are central communication platforms for customers that can be reached via a wide variety of voice-, text- and data-based telecommunications services and Internet platforms. In addition to telephony, Internet telephony, long-distance copying (fax) and e-mail, the intelligent customer interface provides automated voice services such as automatic call distribution( ACD), expert agent selection( EAS) or interactive voice response( IVR).

In CIC centers or contact centers, the various communication services converge and are processed in the actual contact center. The contact center consists of the user front end, the user database, the call agent and the message manager. When a customer calls, their inquiry is analyzed using computer telephony integration( CTI) and routed to and handled by the appropriate call center agent in the contact center. In the case of an e-mail inquiry, an e-mail response system controls the distribution and processing of the e-mail. The intelligent CIC system categorizes the request and responds automatically. The back office of the CIC center includes quality management, workflow management and customer service analysis.

CIC concept and services

CIC concept and services

Various data and information are stored in CIC systems. On the one hand, there are the product details with the current prices and delivery times, and on the other hand, there are the processed customer data, which are used to better fulfill customer wishes and increase customer satisfaction. For this purpose, Customer Relationship Management( CRM) data and information, logistics data or Enterprise Resource Planning( ERP) data must be provided.

Customer Care Centers( CCC) offer a more far-reaching approach than the CIC centers, in which the closest possible customer relationship and customer care based on it take place.

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