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critical event management (CEM)

Critical Event Management (CEM) is about prepared emergency plans that are used in emergency situations, incidents, threats, risks, failure of critical IT infrastructure components, cyber attacks, DDoS attacks

or even natural disasters. These contingency plans

are designedto ensure that downtime

and repair times can be kept to a minimum.Since downtime is an important factor in profitability, it must be as short as possible. In Critical Event Management, the disruption or outage is identified as quickly as possible and reported by the CEM platform to IT Service Management (ITSM) and handled by Application Performance Management (APM) tools. Various programs

run under APM management that can preemptively identify and respond to threats and risks.CEM management is designed to

be fail-safe

and can respond to multiple simultaneous incidents. The emergency team working in CEM management is staffed with IT experts and communications specialists, who coordinate the approach to incident handling among themselves. The subsequent analysis of the incident is also an important factor in the preventive avoidance of similar incidents. Since social media are often involved in the dissemination of information, the collaborative process of risk prevention is becoming increasingly difficult.

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