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Reach is a characteristic value of advertising: print, radio and television advertising, billboard and cinema advertising. On the web, it refers to online advertising. In addition, the term reach is also used for the propagation of electromagnetic waves

. The characteristic value of reach can refer to a geographical area, in which case it is

referred to asspatial reach

, or to the advertised persons, which is referred to asqualitative reach. In addition to qualitative reach, there is also quantitative reach, which is characterized by the number of people who see the advertising message. This reach can be recorded as gross reach or net reach. Whereas gross reach covers all persons, net

reach eliminates multiple overlaps. As a key figure, reach is used to calculate the efficiency of advertising media and to determine the cost per thousand (CPT).

It can be expressed as an absolute number or as a percentage and refers to the total number of target persons within a target group. In the case of television, for example, the percentage of an age group of TV viewers who have watched the corresponding programme is given.

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