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coupled power ratio (fiber optics) (CPR)

When coupling multimode fibers to single- mode fibers, losses occur due to the matching of the different core fiber sizes. These losses are referred to as the Coupled Power Ratio (CPR).

The CPR losses are the ratio of the total radiated power of a multimode fiber to the power portion that is coupled into a single mode fiber. The Coupled Power Ratio parameter is generally used to evaluate the matching conditions of the light source into a multimode fiber. In some standards, the CPR value is used for attenuation measurements in installed optical transmission equipment. For example, in TIA/ EIA 526-11A.

A higher CPR value means that there is a high loss in the coupling between a multimode fiber and a single mode fiber, corresponding to an Overfilled Launch( OFL); a lower CPR value represents an Underfilled Launch (UFL).

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