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convergent network architecture

Convergent network architecture is characterized by network convergence, mobile to mobile convergence( MMC), fixed mobile convergence( FMC) and service convergence, fixed mobile integration ( FMI). When creating converged network architectures, different switching technologies such as data packet switching and circuit switching must be brought together, as must a wide variety of services.

In a converged network architecture, as proposed by the International Telecommunication Union( ITU) and the Internet Engineering Task Force( IETF) in a standardized model, the core network is based on the IP protocol rather than time division multiplexing(TDM).

ITU and IETF Converged Network Architecture.

ITU and IETF Converged Network Architecture.

Incorporating existing circuit-switched voice communications, packet-switched IP-based networks form the basis for multiservice networks with universal communications platforms.

The convergent network architecture forms the basis for Next Generation Networks( NGN). They work with media gateways( MGW), via which existing voice networks and digital networks are connected to the IP network. In the network access area, telephony, Internet telephony and the DSL processes are supported. Signaling is handled by dedicated structures with signaling gateways( SGW) and media gatewaycontrollers( MGC), or softswitches.

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