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convergence sublayer (CS)

The Convergence Sublayer (CS) is a sublayer of the ATM adaptation layer. The CS sublayer supports procedures and functions for converting ATM to non-ATM formats, such as converting ATM protocols to Frame Relay or Switched Multimegabit Data Service (SMDS).

The CS sublayer receives a Service Data Unit (SDU) and extends it with a header and a trailer according to the protocol. The resulting Protocol Data Unit (PDU) is passed to the Segmentation Sublayer (SAR). The CS sublayer has been further subdivided for ATMAdaptationLayer (AAL) 3/4 and AAL -5 into a part containing common functions for a group of services, the Common Part Convergence Sublayer (CPCS), and an application-dependent part, the Service Specific Convergence Sublayer (SSCS).

Structure of the ATM

Structure of the ATM

Convergence Sublayer The CS sublayer handles service-dependent functions such as flow control and synchronization control and compensates for packetization or depacketization effects as well as transmission errors in the form of incorrectly inserted or lost ATM cells.

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