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control channel (CCH)

Inmobile communications, the organization channel, Control Channel( CCH), is a duplex-capable channel for the exchange of administrative data between mobile station and base station.

Channel distribution of GSM channels

Channel distribution of GSM channels

In analog mobile communications networks, the organization channel is the common administrative channel that can be accessed by all phones logged into a radio cell.

The organization channel is made up of three channels: the Broadcast Control Channel( BCCH), the Common Control Channel( CCCH) and the Dedicated Control Channel( DCCH). Other channels that belong to the Control Channel (CCH) are the Associated Control Channel( ACCH) with the Fast ACCH ( FACCH) and the Slow ACCH( SACCH), the Broadcast Control Channel (BCCH), the Linear Channel ( LCH), the Signalling Channel( SCH) and the Access Assignment Channel ( AACH).

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