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continuous delivery pipeline (CDP)

A Continuous Delivery Pipeline(CDP) is about automated workflows to deliver software with new functionality to the end user as efficiently as possible. Such a redesign can be supported by an Architectural Runway.

The pipeline is an orchestration of the sub-processes from innovative Continuous Exploration( CE), feature-oriented Continuous Integration( CI), deployment with Continuous Deployment( CD) and Release on Demand. A CDP pipeline typically includes build automation and continuous integration, test automation, and deployment automation.

Build automation involves creating binaries with which deliverables are created and passed to subsequent processes. The features implemented by the software developers are integrated and tested into this code base. The teams receive feedback on this. As far as test automation is concerned, all new functions are consistently tested to ensure that the required system specifications are met. In addition to functionality, performance and security are also verified through the CDP pipeline. And the third aspect is deployment automation. This involves installing the application in a test environment and delivery time. Deployment can be done in stages involving subsets. This involves installing and monitoring the subset of software first before releasing the next subset.

The continuous delivery pipeline is about improving processes so that new software features and new software versions can be brought to the end user efficiently, without errors, and quickly. The software team also receives feedback and insight into the value stream.

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