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content marketing

Content marketing is an online marketing strategy that promotes brand names with discreet, high-quality information and provides useful content to a selected target group in order to generate leads. The process is most successful when serious, unbiased information is provided to the target audience.

In terms of approach, content marketing is inbound marketing in which the prospect is provided with more in-depth information and knowledge about a product, process or service. Content marketing can be supported by tutorials, encyclopedias, advice pages or blogs on the respective topics. Corresponding content pages help search engine optimization to list websites earlier in the results pages.

If no own content is available to equip the website with high-quality content, then there is the possibility to license content via content syndication or content brokers.

Content marketing can be used in magazines, on television and on the Internet. And it can be in the form of articles, videos, statistics, graphics and video games.

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