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consumer ultra low voltage (CULV)

CULV processors (Consumer Ultra Low Voltage) are smaller variants of particularly power-saving ULV processors. They are extremely flat central processing units( CPU) that are soldered onto the boards without sockets.

CULV processors were developed by Intel, which developed the ULV and CULV platforms, for extremely flat, only 2 cm or 3 cm thin notebooks, subnotebooks, netbooks and Mobile Internet Devices( MID) for the private sector. CULVs are low-cost sub-variants of ULV processors with lower performance characteristics. Their power dissipation is around 5 W, which is only a fraction of the power dissipation of mainstream processors. The basis of the various CULV processors are the Celeron and the Core 2.

Design netbook from Asus with CULV processor, photo: Asus

Design netbook from Asus with CULV processor, photo: Asus

Thus, the Celeron SU2300 CULV processor has a clock frequency of 1.2 GHz, a level 2 cache of 1 MB and a TDP value, Thermal Design Power (TDP), of 10 W. In contrast, the comparable ULV variant, the Celeron SU3500, has 1.4 GHz and 3 MB L2 and costs about twice as much.

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