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consultative, objective, and bi-functional risk analysis (COBRA)

Consultative, Objective, and Bi-functional Risk Analysis (COBRA) was developed in view of the changing security requirements for IT technology and the development of business transactions.

A significant influence on security requirements was the economic aspect caused by security-related problems. Security as an economic factor of an IT system, whereas the existing conventional solutions represented only partial solutions that did not meet the new requirements of business management.

Cobra was developed in 1991 after several years of research for these applications, in close cooperation with one of the largest financial service providers. The result was a method for risk analysis that could meet the needs of most applications.

The name Cobra is used synonymously for Security Risk Analysis. It consists of a risk analysis tool and a security tool and is characterized by a completely new approach to risk management. For the first time, all risk elements are dynamically linked. The resulting databases are used to evaluate the risk.

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