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confirmed opt-in

The sending of online advertising is regulated by legal framework conditions. According to this, the consent of the end user is required. This consent, with which the consumer confirms his contact details and agrees to the sending of online advertising, is referred to as opt-in

. There are two variants of the opt-in: the confirmed opt-in and the double opt-in (DOI). In the case of the Confirmed Opt-In, an e-mail is sent to the contact details as a confirmation with the specified user data

in which the registration is confirmed. If the recipient does not reply, this is deemed to be consent to the opt-in. The situation is different with the double opt-in. In this procedure, the recipient must confirm the opt-in. If the contact details provided are incorrect or if the e-mail recipient cannot be clearly identified, then he or she can correct this via the e-mail reply. With double opt-in, the conversion rates are relatively low.

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