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The conductance (G) is an electrical unit for the inverse ohmic resistance (1/R), which indicates the conductivity of an electrical conductor. It is also referred to as conductance, however the unit of conductance is rarely used in electronics.

The conductance is given in G and has the dimension Siemens, named after Ernst Werner von Siemens (1816 - 1892). One Siemens is the reciprocal value of one Ohm. The Siemens is prefixed with. 1 milli-Siemens (mS) is equal to 1 kilo-Ohm and 1 micro-Siemens (┬ÁS) is equal to 1 mega-Ohm.

Specific conductance of different materials

Specific conductance of different materials

The specific conductance corresponds to the current (I) in amperes (A) that would flow through a conductor 1 m long and 1 qmm in cross-section with an applied voltage (U) of 1 V. A high conductance corresponds to a small resistivity, a large resistance to a small conductance.

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