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condition monitoring (automation) (CM)

Condition Monitoring(CM) stands for condition monitoring. It is a process used in automation, production and manufacturing technology to permanently monitor and analyze the condition of production equipment. Permanent condition monitoring during operation is used to detect wear or corrosion on machines in good time, to extend the service life and to avoid costly production downtimes.

Condition monitoring systems are independent monitoring systems with which plants are monitored during operation. The measured data collected by sensors and any feedback data from the actuators are analyzed and evaluated by the CM system and conclusions are drawn about the condition of the machine. An alarm is triggered in the event of major deviations or if predefined limit values are exceeded. The measured data can be examined for their noise or vibration spectrum, as signs of wear in particular are noticeable in the spectral distribution and in the amplitudes of the spectral lines.

Condition monitoring is also used in medical technology for preventive medical examinations, which monitor the health of patients and detect symptoms of illness in good time. Such patient monitoring can take place in the context of telemedicine in the home environment as Ambient Assisted Living( AAL) or as remote monitoring using Remote Patient Monitoring( RPM) and can be monitored from monitoring stations or from hospitals.

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