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computer science

Computer science is a made-up word from information and automatic. It is the scientific study of information processing with the help of computers. Since the mid-1970s, computer science has developed into an independent field of knowledge and provides the theoretical prerequisites for processing information, which is directly related to the development and realization of software and hardware. Computer science is shaped by theoretical and practical influences from constructive engineering and electronics, mathematics and logic, process flows and human behavior

The basis of computer science is logical and mathematical models that are implemented in electronic circuits; for example, Boolean algebra, which is based on the digitalnumber system and has shaped gate development.

Computer science encompasses all areas of information processing; from the collection of data, to its storage, organization and computation, to its output and distribution.

As a science, computer science distinguishes between theoretical, technical, practical and applied computer science.

Theoretical computer science deals with the mathematical-logical foundations and develops theories and models of computer science. It forms the basis of programming. Technical computer science converts theoretical computer science into logical, electronic components, i.e. logics. Practical computer science deals with software, operating systems and programming languages and applied computer science takes care of the implementation in the application.

Computer science has established itself in many economic sectors and fields of activity and supports any kind of human decision and machine work. Whether in science and technology, research and teaching, production and testing, administration and medicine, publishing and printing, planning and execution, etc., everywhere computer science facilitates human work. Computer science is also everywhere in the consumer sector: in cars and video games, in home automation and communications, in traffic control and consumer electronics.

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