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computer output on microfilm (COM)

Computer Output on Microfilm (COM) is a process for outputting computer data onto microfilm. The film material used is roll film or microprint film, which is exposed with the scanned and reduced originals.

With Computer Output on Microfilm, the originals scanned with microfilm cameras or microfilm scanners are reduced in size and projected onto the microfilms with laser imagesetters. In principle, the COM technique corresponds to a greatly reduced print output, in which a microfiche is exposed with tens of reduced originals.

The films used for the COM technique are 16- and 35-mm roll films and, above all, microfiches in DIN A6 format with dimensions of 105 mm × 148 mm. Reduction works with various standardized reduction factors, ranging from about 1:10 to 1:100. Common reduction factors are 24:1 and 48:1. Depending on the reduction factor, a DIN A6 microfiche can be exposed with 98 (24x) to 196 (48x) DIN A4 documents.

Microfiche with reduced DIN A4 documents, photo:

Microfiche with reduced DIN A4 documents, photo:

The COM technique is used in archiving and revision. Microfilms are displayed using microfilm readers in which the microfilms are inserted and enlarged so that they can be easily read on the screen. Since the evaluation of the information stored in COM systems can only be done manually, these systems transferred to imaging system.

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