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computer forensics

Computer Forensics. Computer Forensics, deals with the preservation of evidence of criminal acts on computers. It collects as much evidence as possible for the proof of criminal acts, analyzes, identifies and reconstructs them for the purpose of provability and for possible prosecution. In this context, the reconstruction of supposedly deleted records or the detection of clearly manipulated records plays a crucial role in electronic evidence recovery.

Besides financial transactions, the data transfer and also the e-mail traffic of the suspects can provide decisive clues for criminal acts. Which transaction was made at which time by which institution? Were documents or contracts copied or sent? With whom did the relevant group of people correspond during the period in question? Computer or cyber forensics must answer these and many other questions through reconstruction and analysis. The results of the investigation are recorded in neutral, factually sound expert reports that can be used in court.

Computer forensics can be applied to any electronic device that has a memory. So from cell phones to smart cards, from routers to servers and clients to complete computer systems. An important prerequisite for computer forensics is precise knowledge of the system.

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