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complex event processing (CEP)

Complex Event Processing(CEP) is a concept for monitoring, analyzing and controlling complex data streams in real time. The CEP concept filters out the data from a data stream that is relevant for controlling business processes. This can be data from logistics, telecommunications, finance or other areas.

The aim of CEP activities is to adjust business processes to conditions that change at extremely short notice; preferably in real time. In telecommunications, CEP processing frameworks are adapted to changes in error detection systems and other monitoring systems, traffic flow management and connection data.

Complex event processing is a processing technique used in business process management( BPM) for complex events that can be performed as part of risk management, as well as in customer relationship management( CRM) and billing management. As a result, the billing of pre-paid cards, term and service tariffs can be simplified and important characteristic values can be made available to the specialist departments at short notice. Another aspect of Complex Event Processing (CEP) is Business Activity Monitoring( BAM) with the proactive analysis of business risks. The use of CEP is particularly efficient when various factors interact with each other and conclusions have to be drawn about the financial impact on the company.

A similar real-time analysis, but for Big Data, supports Event Stream Processing( ESP).

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