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communication access for land mobiles (automotive) (CALM)

Communication Access for Land Mobiles (CALM) are standardized access procedures, network protocols, transport protocols and application protocols for intelligent transportation systems( ITS). CALM supports various wireless transmission methods and is intended to establish a uniform global standard for vehicle communications.

Wireless transmission methods range from cellular networks, WiMAX, Bluetooth, short-range radio, and WLANs based on 802.11p to radio technologies in the 60 GHz band, infrared, and satellite communications. Communication can take place between moving motor vehicles as car-to-car communication( C2C), as well as between vehicles and infrastructure components as car-to-infrastructure communication ( C2I) or as vehicle-to-anything communication( V2X) between roadside units ( RSU) or intelligent roadside stations ( IRS).

The CALM architecture works with the IP protocol in version IPv6 and has an abstraction layer for automotive applications and the different communication types. Standardized protocols for the air interface support the short-, medium- and long-range.

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