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common gateway interface (Internet) (CGI)

The Common Gateway Interface (CGI) is a standardized, platform-independent interface that regulates the exchange of information between web servers or HTTP servers and an external program. For example, the CGI interface can define the interaction between the request form from the web browser with the server 's database program.

The CGI interface supports the execution of external programs from WWW servers and is used to create dynamic web pages. The Common Gateway Interface allows other systems, such as databases, to communicate with HTTP servers.

CGI programs must conform to the CGI specifications for data exchange. Thanks to platform independence, the programs can be written in any programming language, such as "C", Perl or Java. User input, such as clicking on a hyperlink, is sent via the browser and forwarded by the web server to the program to be executed using CGI. After processing, the program returns the result data to the server using Common Gateway Interface.

A faster variant of Common Gateway Interface (CGI) is FastCGI.

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