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common control channel (CCCH)

Common Control Channels (CCCH) are organizational channels in GSM networks that are used to establish connections. The CCCH channels provide the mobile station with information about the network. The mobile station can request the allocation of

a signalling channel via a CCCH channel. Each CCCH channel is a simplex channel either in the downlink from the radio base station (BTS) to the mobile station or in the uplink

in thereverse direction. The CCCH channels are packet-switched channels over which the short message service (SMS) is also provided. The transmission speed for the short message service is 400 bit/s to 500 bit/s. The connection is activated by a special random access procedure, Slotted Aloha Random Access


Channel Division of GSM Channels

Channel Division of GSM Channels

The Common Control Channel (CCCH) can be divided into three logical sub-channels: The Random Access Channel (RACH), which operates on the Slotted Aloha principle for random accesses, the Access Grant Channel (AGCH) over which successful accesses are confirmed, and the Paging Channel (PCH), which transmits selective calls to locate mobiles within a given radio cell.

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