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committed information rate (CIR)

The Committed Information Rate (CIR) is a bandwidth profile that determines the data volume of individual virtual connections. The billing of the connection by the network operator

is generally based on this data volume. The committed information rate is a static data rate

that isrealized in the network up to the nominal data rate. Data is accepted up to the Committed Information Rate, the committed data rate. Higher data rates above the CIR data rate may be accepted for short periods of time, and then when the network

is not yet sufficiently utilized. TheCIR data rate is specified in bits per second (bit/s) and is not dependent on the physical bandwidth of

the transport path. TheCIR data rate is specified by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF), among others, to support various provider services in order to achieve higher yields. In satellite communications, only a portion of the transmission bandwidth of

a transmission channel is available to the individual provider. In connection with theCommitted Information Rate

, the Excess Information Rate (EIR) and the Sustained Information Rate (SIR) should be mentioned.

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