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combo plug

The Combo connector is a charging connector specified by the Charging Interface Initiative(CharIN) for the Combined Charging Systemfast charging system for electric vehicles. It is standardized in IEC 62196-3.

The charging plug consists of two parts: the upper part is for single- or three- phase AC charging and can also accommodate the European charging plug according to IEC 62196-2, while the lower plug part is for DC charging. The transferable charging power can be up to 170 kW for combined AC/DC charging.

Combo plug, photo: VW

Combo plug, photo: VW

The Combo plug itself occupies both parts, the upper part for the European (Type 2) or the U.S. version (Type 1), the lower part for direct current. As with the classic charging plug, the Combo plug is available in Type 1 for the U.S. and Type 2 for Europe. Type 2 and Combo 2 are the standard plug for the CCS charging system in the European Union. It is suitable for alternating voltages with charging powers of more than 3.6 kW and for direct current charging with more than 22 kW.

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