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  1. In broadband networks, combiners are used to distribute the signals to the individual translators. Commercially available combiners have eight ports. By using combiners, it is possible to introduce new transverters for the conversion of additional channels into the head-end station without having to readjust the signal levels at the output of the head-end station. For larger networks that require the conversion of more than eight channel blocks, multiple combiners can be connected by placing a splitter upstream. In this way, additional channels can be easily integrated.
  2. In satellite reception technology, combiners are used to convert the intermediate frequency to another frequency range. This allows two satellite intermediate frequencies with different polarization planes to be transmitted via single- cable reception systems. On the other hand, combiners can be used to distribute terrestrial and satellite signals over single-cable systems.
  3. In diversity processes, combiners combine the various redundant received signals, which may have different levels or phase positions, into one overall signal on the receive side. On the transmitting side, splitters divide the transmitted signals into the various radio channels.
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