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colossal magneto-resistive (CMR)

Colossal Magneto-Resistive(CMR) is one of several techniques used in magnetic field sensors and magnetometers.

The CMR process is based on resistance changes of extremely thin films of magnesium oxide when exposed to magnetic flux.

In the case of Colossal Magneto-Resistive, this is magnesium oxide with a thinness of less than 1 µm. The actual magneto-resistive area is only 500 µm x 50 µm and can be exposed to a magnetic flux density of up to 4 Tesla (T), with rise times of 50 µs.

Properties of the different magneto-resistive methods

Properties of the different magneto-resistive methods

In addition to Colossal Magneto-Resistive (CMR), other techniques based on magnetic resistance include Anisotropic Magneto-Resistive( AMR), Extraordinary Magneto-Resistive( EMR), and Tunneling Magneto-Resistive( TMR). All these methods use the dependence of the resistance value of conducting materials under the influence of a magnetic field and are summarized under the generic term X-Magneto-Resistive(XMR).

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