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color printer

Color printers use the limited resolution of the human eye for color printing. As in printing technology, the colors are printed close together in color pixels; the visual impression of the eye interprets a mixed color from the subtractive color mixing.

As a color model, color printers use the CMYK color model familiar from printing technology, which works with the three primary colorscyan (C), magenta (M) and yellow (Y). The fourth letter "K" stands for key and is deliberately intended to be different from black, since in printing terms it is only used to increase contrast. With the three primary colors, many colors that occur in nature can be reproduced. Which colors can be printed is determined by the color space.

Color inkjet printer S500 from Canon

Color inkjet printer S500 from Canon

Color printers are divided into dot matrix printers, inkjet printers, thermal printers and color laser printers in terms of the printing process. In addition to color printers that work with three or four colors, there are also special color printers that work with 8 or 10 colors.

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