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color management modul (CMM)

Color Management Modules(CMM) are software components of operating systems for color management. They can be used to adapt the color models of the various peripheral devices to one another.

Digitalimaging peripherals work with their own device-specific color profiles and color spaces that differ from those of the imaging systems. As a result, color representations captured by scanners, processed in the image processing system and reproduced on color printers, imagesetters or displays appear differently in terms of their color representation. These differences must be adjusted.

Color management modules support color management and adapt the different color spaces to each other by converting the color spaces of the peripheral devices to a device-independent reference color space. As a rule ,algorithms based on empirical values are used for this purpose. Reference color models available include the Lab color model or the ICC color profiles, which are device-independent and based on human color perception. CMM modules vary from operating system to operating system and reproduce results that differ from one another.

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