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collaborative robot (cobot)

The abbreviation Cobot stands for Collaborative Robot. It is an industrial robot for cooperative collaboration between humans and robots. Humans and robots work side by side in the same production process. Cobots supplement the jobs of humans and take over certain activities.

A collaborative robot differs from a classic industrial robot in that it works together with a person and responds flexibly to human instructions. It is not programmed for specific repetitive sequences. The collaboration partner, the human, can assign it heavy, dangerous and strenuous work and perform more demanding work itself. Humans and cobots form a team. They interact with each other and work side by side without any protective device between them.

Collaborative robot, photo:

Collaborative robot, photo:

In the first cobots, movements and sequences were controlled by the human collaborator. Later versions were able to perform sequences independently. Since the safety of the partner was the primary concern in all developments, the motion sequences of cobots are slower than those of classic industrial robots.

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