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collaborative business intelligence (CBI)

Collaborative Business Intelligence

(CBI) is a form of Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) in a company.CBI software makes it possible to combine and develop the knowledge of all experts, both internal and external to a company, on a common basis. With the enriched knowledge, optimized decisions involving all knowledge carriers are then possible. Advantageously across all departments (cross-functional) and hierarchy levels of a company.

Collaborative Business Intelligence uses the philosophy of social networks and co-creation.

Based on Web 2. 0 technologies, knowledge is extensively enriched and permanently updated on corresponding CBI platforms. It is an enormously efficient and cost-effective form of knowledge generation. The motivation of the participants is manifold. On the one hand, the participating experts benefit from the knowledge of other users and thus expand their own knowledge horizon. On the other hand, it is a good platform to present oneself and one's own knowledge and thus draw attention to oneself and one's own profile.

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