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cognitive computing (CC)

Cognitive computing(CC) is the implementation of human thinking in a computer model. Cognitive computing is based on self-learning systems that use the techniques of data mining and pattern recognition and natural processing languages to emulate the human way of thinking.

Cognitive computing models rely on machine learning, on speech recognition and imagination, on human reasoning and human-computer interactions.

The goal of cognitive computing is to develop automated systems that sense and solve problems without human intervention. They work with learning algorithms and constantly expand their knowledge base by sifting through the data they are fed using data mining. The systems refine their techniques for recognizing repetitive patterns of behavior and processing data, allowing them to anticipate problems and develop models for possible solutions.

Cognitive computing is used in artificial intelligence( AI), expert systems, robotics, medical technology, and virtual reality( VR). Well-known examples of cognitive computers include IBM's Deep Blue, which defeated the world chess champion, and Watson, which won a game show by a superior margin.

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