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coded character set (CCS)

A character set is the complete set of characters and digits or bit frames of a single code. In a character set, the characters of the alphabet, the digit symbols of numbers, punctuation marks, special characters, and control characters are assigned to a position or number in tabular form.

Many character sets are internationally standardized by ANSI or the International Standards Organization (ISO), specifically under ISO 8859, and include in the character set country-specific letters or characters and, in the case of the ANSI character set, also special control characters for calling graphics, animations, text blocks, or audio sequences. The ISO character set table under ISO 8859 recognizes more than ten character set groups, covering some 150 languages.

Usually, the characters of a character set are represented in a 7-bit code or 8-bit code, so that a total of 128 or 256 possible combinations are available for character representation. The best-known character set is the ASCII character set, standardized under ISO-646. Others include the EBCDIC code, the ANSI code and the many character sets standardized under ISO 8859. In computer and communication technology and on the Internet, Unicode is used, which comprises about 250,000 characters from a wide variety of cultures.

Character sets also serve to adapt the various country-specific characters to the corresponding keyboard. If a character set requires more than 256 characters that can be represented with an 8-bit byte, as is the case with Japanese, Korean or Chinese characters, then these are generated via a more or less complex Character Encoding Scheme (CES).

A character set has nothing to do with the font and typeface, which are determined by the font, font size, font boldness, spacing, line spacing, word wrapping, etc.

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