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coaxial loudspeaker

Coaxial speakers are 2- or 3-way systems with two speakers, a midrange and a tweeter, located on one axis. The tweeter is located in the center of the midrange speaker. Such speakers are used, among other things, in car acoustics.

Three-way coaxial loudspeaker, photo: Sony

Three-way coaxial loudspeaker, photo: Sony

As a one-way system, these speakers are called dual cone loudspeakers. In this design, the paper cone placed in the center of the midrange speaker improves the dispersion of high tones. Coaxial loudspeakers have an extensive frequency range from relatively low tones up to the high frequency range and are therefore also used as full range loudspeakers.

Coaxial speakers have the advantage that they reproduce a point source of sound like no other.

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