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cluster controller (CC)

A Cluster Controller is a central unit of a multi-user system, which is referred to in German as Gruppensteuerung or Mehrfachsteuerung.

The classic cluster controller takes over the communication control of multiple, dumb terminals or workstations in a terminal network. This often refers to a controller of the IBM 3170 family, for example the IBM 3174 or a compatible one. The cluster controller, in turn, is connected via a data line to a front-end processor (FEP) that regulates data traffic between the cluster controller and the mainframe. The Cluster Controller can be connected to the frontend processor or host either via a channel or via an SDLC connection.

Terminal network with mainframe, FEP and Cluster Controller

Terminal network with mainframe, FEP and Cluster Controller

There are also Cluster Controllers with extended functionality, Advanced Cluster Controllers, the so-called subhosts. Advanced Cluster Controllers have an operating system and are freely programmable, they enable communication and support application programs.

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