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cloud to cloud backup (C2C)

Cloud to cloud backup (C2C backup) involves copying data stored in one cloud service

to another cloud service. This approach is equivalent to an offsite backup.Cloud-to-cloud backups are used by companies that work with software-as-a-service (SaaS). SaaS providers back up their customers' data, but since any system can fail and recovery can be difficult, people use the simpler approach of backing up through SaaS providers. There are an increasing number of CaaS providers that specialize in specific applications and provide software solutions for them. In this scenario, the C2C provider manages both the backup software and its implementation

forthe C2C customer. The

use of C2C providers depends on the backup structures and backup management of the companies. Although C2C backups are easier to perform and faster to implement than traditional backups, backup can still be performed directly to traditional tape drives and hard drives. The use of traditional backup media can continue wherever large amounts of data are involved and backup can be performed at rest.

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