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cloud telephony

Cloud telephony, also known as cloud calling, is voice communication that uses Unified Communications as a Service( UCaaS) and allows subscribers to make calls from their notebook, smartphone or cell phone over the Internet, regardless of location.

The UCaaS cloud service supports web-based telephone services via a cloud as well as various extension services. For example, sending short messages and mails, voice recognition and the functions of call centers with IVR systems, Interactive Voice Response (IVR). For telephony, UCaaS replaces the traditional enterprise-based PBX and provides users with remote access to the switching capabilities of the cloud. This allows customers to make calls from mobile devices and stationary computers if the devices have Internet access.

Cloud Telephony has several advantages over traditional telephony. It is cost-effective because there are usage-based cost models for customers, and it is flexible because calls can be made from anywhere via Internet access. In addition, data analytics can be generated by the cloud service providers about the calls made, and it works reliably because in the event of a fault or interruption in the connection, the cloud service providers switch on a failover, which acts as a backup to secure the connection.

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